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To view some fantastic photos please visit our official photographer's website

A small selection of photos from Animal Focus of Shahzada 2019

Cindy Oster riding Charleville Nazarena,
Darien Feary riding Avita .jpg
Keith Sumpner and Fonda Shahzada
Roz and me.jpg
Julie White riding Tarkhim Shah Shalenah
Darien, Clare and Rob with Avita at the
Alex Bice and Silverbow Taliah Shahzada
Emzy Dimech riding Oso Dizzy on the Comm
Gavin Peacock riding Eclipse.jpg
Rhys Norman riding Owata Park Amirah.jpg
Bices at the end Shahzada.jpg
Brian Swan and Arabesque Abdul and the w
April Newman running with Tarnett 2019.j
Kaitlyn Mercieca riding Coolinda Park Sh
Lainie Ray and Diamond R Turbo Steps 201
Clare Feary riding Equilo and Darien Fea
Mitch Ravallion riding Love in The Mist
Julie Brooks riding A'Landell Pirate.jpg
Marion Grove riding Diamond R Carbo and
Annette Bailey riding Colo Seth at the M
Nicole Horne ridingMount Kosi MM
Dawn Spicer riding Cedar Glen Raffaella.
Leanne Holz riding Blake's Heaven Hiraan
Jodie Luck riding Almazaan Elementary MM
Andrew Jonkers riding Girilambone Seedy
Phoebe Baczocha riding Ralvon Secret MM
Pam Cox riding Oso Davin MM 2019.jpg
Monica Ballard riding Birrali Lawrence M
Sophie Ramsay riding Coin Perdu Griffen
Colin Spicer riding Copperkaln Tiara at
Cherry Cummins running at Shahzada 2019.
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